DWI or Driving While Intoxicated is the criminal offense for drunken driving. Drunken driving is operating or driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Law Office of Brian W. Devane works hard to protect your driving privileges and supports you to achieve the desired outcome of your case.


DUI or Driving Under the Influence indicates a lesser degree of impairment. The level of impairment is determined by the driver or operator’s BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration. In states where both terms are used, DWI refers to driving while intoxicated with alcohol, and DUI refers to driving while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The legal BAC limits are as followed:

  • Under 21 – No tolerance
  • Commercial Drivers – .04%
  • Regular Passenger Vehicles – .08%

If you have been pulled over by a police officer and suspected and charged with driving while intoxicated, don’t let that be the last word. Contact us and we will fight for your case.

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